Friday, 11th August 2017

Keynote Address 1: Evolution of Workforce Planning, it's current state and how it will be - Success Story

Leadership Insights: The Workforce & HR Analytics Journey – Design of Past, Present and Future

Thought Leadership: Dynamic International Political Environment

Case Study 1: Planning for the future

Case Study 2: How to focus resources on Business results - Not reports

Case Study 3: Tomorrow's Workforce - Delivering Strategy through People

Case Study 4: Planning the workforce: Global Trends

Case Study 5: Building the business, Working with data, Putting data to use

Case Study 6: Better Analytics, Even Better Results

Case Study 7: Workforce Planning Maturity Model

Case Study 8: Why to Integrate Workforce Management?

Case Study 9: Approaches for Calculation of Workforce Requirement and Scheduling in Retail Stores

Case Study 10: Intelligent Workspace and Leveraging Technology

Case Study 11: Technology and its Impact

Case Study 12: People - Not Technologies are differentiators in Digital Era